Abbas Rizvi Photography: How the Journey Began

Since 2013, Abbas Rizvi Photography has been providing the very best photography and videography services to clients across the globe. Whether it is Hindu or Muslim weddings, celebrity photoshoots, commercial projects, or capturing major concerts, Abbas has used his knowledge and passion to create truly mesmerizing results.

How it Began

Nowadays, Abbas Rizvi is one of the most recognized photographers & videographers in the world and has built up an enviable reputation thanks to his unique perspective and innovative solutions. Having always had a passion for photography, Abbas started his professional career began back in 2011, working with a photography studio in his home city of Chicago.

After a couple of years honing his skills, Abbas decided it was time to expand his creativity and services through his own business, and Abbas Rizvi Photography was born! Although he might be based in Chicago, Abbas has worked with clients all over the United States and beyond, and photography is more than just a job for him; it is a passion and a journey into the exploration of the soul.

Abbas dedicates his entire focus and creativity to each client, creating beautiful images that perfectly capture the moment. Having specialized in all areas of photography, Abbas is able to convert even the simplest of shoots into a contemporary example of outstanding beauty. It is this passion and natural
talent that has made Abbas one of the most sought-after artists.

His incredible images have helped him to amass a vast following on social media, with over 16,000 followers on Facebook and nearly 70,000 on Instagram. During the recent pandemic, Abbas used this support to help people most in need by setting up multiple donations and funds, further establishing the brand around the world.

What can Abbas Rizvi Photography provide?

Having specialized in every aspect of photography and videography, Abbas Rizvi Photography is able to offer clients the very best images and videos no matter the task at hand. Wedding Shoots is one of Abbas specialties, and alongside traditional weddings in America, Abba also focuses on providing the very best Hindu and Muslim wedding services.

These traditional occasions are very special and are not typical one-day event, so they require a dedicated approach to capturing the moment. Abbas knows how important it is to capture every activity, bringing together an album of the special moments so the happy couple can remember them

Of course, Abbas does not just focus on weddings. As a skilled photographer, he is also a highly talented portrait and commercial photographer, working with models and celebrities from across the
globe to build their portfolios, and his work has appeared in multiple magazines and media outlets across the United States.

Whether it is working with famous Pakistan actress Armeena Khan, working with Bilal Abbas Khan, or capturing Atif Aslam, Abbas has used his skill and craftsmanship to create truly beautiful photography. His exclusive and thorough approach guarantees the very best results possible, while innovative techniques and high-quality equipment mean he can create genuine artistic images with every project. Abbas Rizvi Photography has also used his skill and talent to create some fantastic event photography,
from New Year’s Eve events to live performances.

Looking for the best photography?

Do you want to find out how Abbas Rizvi Photography can help you? Whether it is capturing the very best memories from your wedding day, creating unique portfolio shoots, or bringing your event to life, Abbas Rizvi can help you.

So if you are seeking the very best photography, get in touch today!